• Dr. Nitin Dhote , Professor & Head , Electrical Engineering Department , St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur

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Course Objectives

The students will be able to

Choose a suitable drive scheme for developing an electric hybrid vehicle depending on


Design and develop basic schemes of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

Choose proper energy storage systems for vehicle applications

Identify various communication protocols and technologies used in vehicle networks.


Course Outcomes:

After studying the course, the students will be able to demonstrate the ability to

CO1.   Explain electric vehicle characteristics and typologies.

CO2.   Identify and analyse the process of power management system

CO3.   Analyze various power electronics devices in electric vehicles.

CO4.   Outline the types and size of electric motors in electric and hybrid vehicles.

CO5.   Identifying electric motor and internal combustion engine match and energy management strategies.

Course Objectives:

•To study the basic function of the transformer and its parts
•To study different tests of transformers and prepare maintenance schedules.
•Course Outcomes:

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Course Outcome

After completion of the course, students will be able to



Explain the operation of the transformer and its parts



Perform different tests of the transformer


Perform different tests on transformer oil to investigate its quality and suitability for transformer.

Subject is in scheme of Eighth Sem BE Electrical Engineering of RTM Nagpur University

Course objectives:

1.         To give an overview of  network topologies , formation of different network matrices by   singular             transformation and by algorithms  for an electrical power system and its application to 3 phase             network.

2.         To  apply numerical methods for load flow, short circuit and transient stability analysis of             electrical power  system.

Course Outcomes:

On the completion of the syllabus, Students will be able to

1          Explain basic concepts of network topologies and    determine network matrices by          singular             transformation  for      single phase  power system network.

2.         Determine network     matrices by algorithm             method  for single phase  power        system             network.

3.         Apply basic concepts of network topologies to three phase network and  analyze electrical             power system for short circuit studies .

4.         Analyze  electrical       power system for  load flow and transient stability studies.